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Other Transmission products works mainly on bearings, but according to customer’s requirement. We supply some other transmission parts as well, limited from a few specific source. Some products have big advantages either on quality or on price. Although we have many other factory for price comparison, these are stable reliable source approved.

Keyless bushing   -1 source only

– Quality 5, Price 4~5 (Premier brand supplier)

Pulley  – 3 sources

-Quality 5, Price 3 (SKF’s supplier)

-Quality 4~5, Price 3~4

-Quality 4, Price 5, (modeling required)

Taper bush  -2 source only

-Quality 5, Price 3 (SKF’s supplier)

-Quality 4, Price 5 (Main supplier now after comparion with SKF supplier)

Chain  -2 sources mainly
Industrial Belt  -2 sources mainly


Automotive spare parts has some customers working professionally on automotive industry, below products are provided for them.

Timing belt/V belt -2 source mainly

-Quality 4, Price 5 (Main supplier, good enough for after market)
-Quality 5, Price 2

Wheel bearing repairing kits
CV Joint

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  • Choosing a proper bearing.
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  • Additional quality checking
  • Consult a specific factory information
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