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Findbearing has special technicians doing quality inspection with the aid of professional equipment.

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Popular items means competitive,! See what items are hot on sale. Good reliable quality guaranteed.

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Comparison finds difference. Be aware how better or worse to make premier brands replacement possible.

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Buy hundreds along with big quantity order, you may also find some new items here.

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Why choose us?

  • More reliable on Quality
  • Higher Quality/cost rate
  • Experience on bearing purchase/export
  • High efficiency, low cost
  • Additional QC services
  • Transparency on source
  • Bring customers to the circle of Chinese bearing factories

Bearing Topics

  • needle bearing worries
    Embarrassment on Chinese needle bearing industry
    Chinese needle bearings are facing embarrassment in the world market. Quality of Chinese bearings are being questioned, not trusted and often refused. There are too many...
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  • quality inspection videos
    Inspection video
    Findbearing has special technicians doing quality checking with inspection equipment. Thus, quality of the product can be strictly controlled.  Here are some inspection video regarding the...
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Customer Service

  • Choosing a proper bearing.
  • Designing a bearing and make drawings
  • Additional quality checking
  • Consult a specific factory information
  • Order Tracking

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