What are the risks when finding a bearing supplier from China?


What are the risks when finding a bearing supplier?

Findbearing team staff have been doing bearing export for many years. We listed the following risks that most customs may encounter when buying bearings from China. A detailed checklist for a specific item (or a series of products) can be provided on request. Free consulation on factory information for contracted customers.

We suggest customers working on many series of bearings go for trading company only. Only if customers who have big quantity in a narrow purchasing list go for factory on the bases of comparisons from some reputable trading companies. And visiting factory is always necessary if you decide to work with factory directly.

Be aware of the risks when finding a bearing supplier and the gimicks they could play:

A.   Factory

No factory can produce all series of bearings. Before you decide to try on a factory, you have to check their product list. See what they really produce.

  1. More than half bearing factories are doing trading business as well. Make sure you are getting goods right produced by them. Which means: “Famous bearing factories does not mean reliable.” Some factory may even trade on the items that they are able to produce themselves. Then you need eyes in the factory to know this. 
  2. Check locations of the factory, there are always a region for one type of bearing (series). Few could really jump out of the cycle, otherwise it could be a fake factory or an empty “Shandong” factory.

B.   Trading company

  1. Professional bearing trading company works only or mostly on bearings. Those listed a lot other stuff on website are unlikely to do the job well. 
  2. Many trading companies now pretend to be a factory or even factories group. If you are careful enough or consult a Chinese friend, it’s easy to find clues. Or simplely come to visit factories, see by your own eyes. 
  3. Most trading companies survive by changing factories in order to chasing higher profit. Scattering inquires is an easy work. In case of quality problem happened, if the trading companies are not able to deduct damage from the factories, they will cut profit in the next dealings with you. What if there is not enough profit, it will be a challenge for customers to show their potential and very likely the trading company will not compensate. 
  4. “Lowest” price no quality small dealers, these people are trading mostly Shandong goods, attract those who only mind about prices. Customers come and left, and always new customers coming to be cheated.

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