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For bearing distributors or end users, Findbearing could be your first choice on high quality Chinese bearings.

Our team has experience exporting Chinese bearings for more than 10 years. We have hundreds of bearing factories classified, while keep recording full factory information, reputation, production range, (dis)advantages, general price/quality information, equipment, quality level, reliability ranks.

We aim to provide our customers the highest Quality/cost rate products, recommending mainly our usual reliable factories. Guarantee quality is always in the first place.

We have our inspection engineer visiting factories doing quality inspection all the time. Our customers could easily find out the difference from the marking on the products, find out if the products are produced from the right factory.

Much easier situation for customers using our registered brand “RLM”. RLM bearing has extra warranty period, extra selective quality checking added automatically for all with “RLM” marking according to our QC system.

RLM Ball Bearings

You may come here for two reasons.

Lower your bearing purchasing cost.
Find a real good bearing with stable & reliable quality.

Findbearing could be a short cut for you to meet both. You will find it a higher quality/cost rate source.

Once you need:

An extra inspection service for Chinese economic bearings;
A replacement of famous brand bearings by top Chinese bearings; provides you possibilities.

Remember the quality of Chinese bearing is a choice, provides you the smart solution.

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  • Choosing a proper bearing.
  • Designing a bearing and make drawings
  • Additional quality checking
  • Consult a specific factory information
  • Order Tracking

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