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RLM is registered brand, owned by CHENGDU CENTS IMP. & EXP., CO.,LTD (RLMcor Industrial Supplies), is now exported to Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

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For most bearing distributors and nearly all users, Chinese bearing cycle are too far away. They do not have idea,  which series of bearings should be purchased from which factory, what are the quality & price difference from factory to factory. There are too many bearings factories of differece price and quality level. And situation gets more complicated when factories are also trading on bearings, trading companies pretend to be factories and low quality products rampant in market with “attractive” prices.

RLM is the short cut for people to say Good.

The principle target for “RLM” Brand bearing is provide “High Quality/cost rate” Bearing.

  • Reliable quality guaranteed, How?
    1. Contracted integrate production only from regular reliable factories. Factories reliability constantly updating (many factors considered during the evaluation, including equipment, management, good inspection result stability etc.)
    2. Selective quality inspection for all on stock production, important/big order items, risky source. Randomly on site selective quality checking in factories.
    3. Prolonged warranty period
    4. Extra addional inspection sevice provided, 3rd party inspection supported.
  • Cheaper than average price (base on the same quality level), Why?
    1. Bulk stock production to make sure competitive price
    2. More than one regular factories for any individual bearing, cost study, price comparison
    3. Strong relationship and fast payment to regular factories, lower than average cost
    4. Low addimistration fee, lower profit, more space for customers

Your choice for RLM Bearing is not only a short cut for higher profit but also a warranty for your business future.

rlm bearing products
RLM Bearing includes most types of bearings, from general ball & roller bearings, plain bearings, Large size bearings,  to bearing accessaries, Plummer blocks and adapter sleeves. RLM  stock bearings are mainly regular deep groove ball bearings, taper roller bearing and a few regularly ordered bearings.

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